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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday was a success!

Well, I must say, Tuesday I did much better with the eating plan. Here is what I ate:

Banana Oatmeal Square (see previous post for recipe)
Fit & Active Chocolate Peanut butter meal replacement bar

Burger (no cheese and no bun)
1 serving of shelled edamame beans
one string cheese

Teriyaki marinated chicken breast
one baked potato with one tablespoon of smart balance light

100 calorie bag of popcorn
one sugar free fudgesicle bar

All in all, my totals for the day were was follows:
Calories - 1283
Fat - 53 g
Carbs - 136 g
Protein - 80 g

I am trying to keep to the following ranges per day, the higher end would be for days I exercise.
Calories: 1229-1409
Fat: 44-61
Carbohydrates: 35-52
Protein: 105-140

As you can see, I was within each range except for protein. It looks like I didn't quite get enough protein in. I can handle that, at least I kept up with the rest. Wednesday I will try to get the right amount of protein in. I am trying to go a little lower carb with this, just because I know I can really overeat with them.

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