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Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday had ice cream!!

Another good day even with an icecream cone! It was so hot out, I just had to have something. I had my protein bars for breakfast and snacked on some greek yogurt and a string cheese. Lunch consisted for a salad with chicken and an apple and an orange. For dinner I had half of a large wrap and then a medium twist ice cream cone!! I was a little higher than the past two days, but still within my range (Calories - 1354, Fat - 35, Carbs - 190, Protein - 81).

I am hoping this weekend goes well since I am going up to my mother's for her birthday, I know I will inevitably have some cake and icecream. However, I do know that it will be a pool party, so maybe I can get some laps in to make up for it. I am doing well this week, so I really don't want to screw things up over the weekend. The weekends are my hardest times since that's when people go out and I don't have the normal structure that I do during the week.

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