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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A case of the Mondays!

Well back on track it was for me and the momentum of having a loss last week is pushing me forward to keep up with the good work! For breakfast I had pumpkin protein bars (2), Chobani greek yogurt and some egg whites. Lunch was salad with chicken and almonds as well as some string cheese. For dinner I had some left over chili with couscous and a sugar free pudding cup. My tv snack was some fruit salad made with grapes, oranges, apple and nectarine. Yummy!! My totals for the day were: 1250 calories, 25g fat, 194g carbs, and 94g protein. Well, I didn't get enough fat in and I was 10 grams shy on the protein. It's hard sometimes to eat enough protein when I have a sweet tooth so I go for the fruit. I guess it's better than having a brownie.

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